What is the Apo E gene diet?

The Apo E gene is the number one factor affecting how your body uses "The Big Three" food groupsócarbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It is extremely important to eat the right balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins for your specific Apo E genotype because it influences the possibility of developing certain diseases, as well as their severity.

The Apo E Gene Diet is not a diet in the usual sense of the word. We use the word "diet" to mean a series of specific individual recommendations based on your gene type for nutrition, environmental factors, exercise and stress relief, to name a few. The goal of the Apo E Gene Diet is disease prevention and a healthier life. It has been linked to Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Strokes, being overweight and many more diseases. Why wait until you are sick before you take action.

Introduction to the Apo E Gene We all have the Apo E gene (pronounced by saying each letter, A - P - O - E). This gene plays a key role in our body's internal environment and influences the development of chronic disease, especially heart and Alzheimer's disease. The Apo E gene occurs as three variations in humans: Apo E 2, Apo E 3, and Apo E 4. Since genes come in matching pairs, we each have two of every gene, one from each parent. If you received an Apo E 2 from one parent and an Apo E 3 from the other parent, your genotype would be E 2/3. The six possible combinations of Apo E gene pairs are E 2/2, E 2/3, E 3/3, E 4/2, E 4/3, and E 4/4.

How Your Apo E Genotype Affects Your Health The most common genotype, Apo E 3/3, is found in approximately 64 percent of the population. It is considered the "neutral" Apo E genotype. Combinations that include either the Apo E 2 or Apo E 4 are considered "alternative" expressions of the more common Apo E 3 pairing. About 25% of the population has one or more of the E 4 genes and 12% have one or more of the E 2 genes. People with an Apo E 2 or 4 process foods differently from the Apo E 3s. The 2 is a fast speed processor and needs a diet high in healthy fats and more aerobic than anaerobic exercise to help them clear. The 3 is a normal speed and needs a normal amount of healthy fats and a balanced aerobic and anaerobic exercise schedule. The 4 is a slow speed fat processor and needs a low fat diet and a very high amount of aerobic exercise to clear the brain and arteries. If your doctor recommended a low fat diet for you to make you healthier, it would create disease and other problems if you were a 2 or 3 Apo E gene type! The only way to know is to have the simple gene testing procedure done.

Percentage of Apo E Genotypes in the General Population:
Apo E 2 (Fast Speed) 2/2 1% 2/3 10%
Apo E 3
(Normal Speed) 3/3 64%
Apo E 4 (Slow Speed) 4/2 2% 4/3 18% 4/4 5% The 4/4 gene pairing has the slowest fat clearing ability and has a 92% chance of getting Alzheimer's Disease! (Unless they are eating and exercising in a gene supportive environment found in the Apo E diet.)

The specific pair of Apo E genes you inherited from your parents greatly influences your predisposition to certain illnesses, including heart disease, vascular dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and cancer. For example, persons with the Apo E 4/4 genotype could have up to a 92% chance of developing a chronic illness such as Alzheimer's disease which has grown to the 5th leading cause of death in America and is the main reason for long term medical facility coare of the elderly. Half of the people over 85 have dementia in the U.S., the first step toward Alzheimer's. . Maintaining an optimal diet and lifestyle for your particular Apo E genotype is known as a "gene-supportive environment" (GSE). Doing so can dramatically reduce your risk of developing these chronic illnesses. That's why the Apo E Gene Diet was created.

The Apo E Gene Diet The foundation of the Apo E Gene Diet is a nutritional plan that focuses on eating the optimal percentages of The Big Three food groups for your specific Apo E genotype. One diet does not fit all because each Apo E genotype processes foods differently. There is a unique optimal combination of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the ideal diet for each of the six Apo E genotypes. Creating this optimal balance in your diet provides the foundation for your good health.

A personalized plan for your Apo E genotype will guide you in choosing the optimal:

  • Fat content with the correct types of fats
  • Carbohydrate content with the correct types of carbohydrates
  • Protein content with the correct types of proteins
  • Caloric content for your needs
  • Amount and kind of exercise appropriate for you
  • Balance of stress and relaxation in your life
  • Mental and emotional environment
  • Type of energy and intentions you allow into your life (the spiritual component)

Most of the existing dietary recommendations are based on the assumption that one diet is appropriate for everyone. These diets fail to accomplish long-term weight loss or optimal disease prevention because we are not all the same. In reality, diet and exercise recommendations must be individualized, beginning with a person's genetic foundation.
The Apo E Gene Diet focuses on an individual's genetic recipe, creating dietary and exercise recommendations for each of the six possible Apo E genotypes. No other program does this. In addition, the Apo E Gene Diet takes into account the whole person (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) in creating a gene-supportive environment that promotes a healthy life, free of chronic illness.

The Optimal Diet and Lifestyle for Your Apo E Genotype How do you create the optimal diet and lifestyle for your particular Apo E genotype? There are three steps:

1. First, read The Perfect Gene Diet by Pamela McDonald, N.P. or set up a private consultation either in person or on the phone with Dr. Mark Anthony, the award winning doctor who has been personally trained and certified by Pamela McDonald. He will explain the basic concepts that you need to know.

2. After reading the book or talking with Dr. Anthony, you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to know your Apo E genotype. Finding your Apo E genotype is done through a simple cheek swab test either in the office or in the comfort of you home through the mail. We will do a computerized body composition analysis, evaluate your food and exercise log, review your health history and your family health history and perhaps recommend advanced Cholesterol testing (13 different ones checked not just the basic 3 your doctor checks.).

3. Once you know your Apo E genotype, we will create a customized diet, exercise and lifestyle plan for your particular Apo E genotype and show you how to implement it easily and effortlessly.. The Apo E gene diet plan and personal guidance is also offered by phone by Dr. Anthony.

Following these three steps will support you on the path to a healthy life, free of chronic disease.