Calendar of Events

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April 29th, 2020. Balance and Thrive, 12:00 pm at Solheim Senior Home, Eagle Rock.

February 7th, 2020. Release the Past, Heal the Present, Create the Future, 6:15pm at Anthony Chiropractic

April 30th. The Mind- Body Guide to Curing Insomnia: Natural cures for excellent sleep.

March 2018

Tuesday, March 13 6:15 pm at Anthony Chiropractic

The Mind-Body Guide to LosingWeight Easily

Tuesday, March 20 6:15pm at Anthony Chiropractic

How I made Stress Disappear With One Crazy Idea

Wednesday, March 21, 7pm at Center for Spiritual Living; La Crescenta, 4845 Dunsmore Ave.

Abundance: The Mind-Body Workshop to Creating More Health, Wealth, Love and Fun.

$10 donation suggested

Tuesday, March 27, 6:15 pm at Anthony Chiropractic

Brain Health: Preventing and reversing Dementia and Alzheimer's

January/Febuary 2018

1/24/18 Wednesday 6 pm at La Crescenta Library

Quality Longevity Made Easy

2/6/18 Tuesday 6:15 pm at Anthony Chiropractic office

The Mind-Body Guide to Excellent Sleep; Holistic Natural Answers to Insomnia and Poor Sleep

2/7/18 Wednesday 12pm at Solheim Lutheran Home in Eagle Rock, Lunch and facility tour included. For those 80 and older. Must RSVP.

Eat Well, Every Thing You Know About What You Eat and How You Eat is Wrong!

2/20/18 Tuesday 6:15 pm at Anthony Chiropractic

Colds and Flus; Natural Cures and Preventions

2/27/18Tuesday 6:15 pm at Anthony Chiropractic

Body Syndromes; Mental Causes for Physical Illness and Natural Cures

8/29/17 Tuesday 6:15pm at Anthony Chiropractic office

How to Get Excellent Sleep; Natural solutions to Insomnia and Poor Sleep

9/5/17 Tuesday 6:15 pm at Anthony Chiropractic Office

10 Keys to Quality Longevity; Healthy and Happy at 100

9/12/17 Tuesday 6:15 at Anthony Chiropractic office

Brain Health; Preventing Alzheimer's and Dementia

9/19/17 Tuesday 6:15 at Anthony Chiropractic office

Accelerate Your Health; The Fast, Simple way to Get and Stay Healthy

9/26/17 Tuesday 6:15 at Anthony Chirlpractic office

Eat Well; Foods that heal, Foods that kill; Everything you know about what and how you eat is wrong!

Each Wednesday night in October 7pm. 4 classes. Center For Spiritual Living, 4845 Dunsmore Ave, La Crescenta

Use Your Subconscious to Transform Your Life; Programming the Human Bio-Computer

11/15/17 Wednesday Noon at Solheim Lutheran Home 2236 Merton Ave. Los Angeles (includes lunch)

Brain Health; Preventing Alzheimer's and Dementia

2-25-2014 Tuesday, 7pm at 7134 Lonzo Street, Tujunga
Talk: Healthy & Happy Now and at 100!; 10 Keys to Longevity
You can live longer, healthier and happier by following these simple time proven tips! Die old and healthy not young and sick! Dr. Anthony's most popular talk. Please RSVP to Maggie at (818) 352-9157

5-27-14 Tuesday, 11:45am Verdugo Hills YMCA
TALK: Balance Your Life and Thrive! Free talk and free yummy food. How to have good balance and health until 100 years of age and beyond! Learn the #1 common daily activity to avoid that causes early death, Learn 4 simple daily habits to create great balance. Be prepared to create a life where movement is fun again and you thrive!